We decided to list our Top 10 Albums of music that inspire us or that gave value to us in some way. This is the Album Top 10 of Renée:

  1. Kate Bush – The Kick Inside

As a little girl, I often went to the record store with my dad. I can still remember that he showed me this album, because he thought I would like this. I remember, at that time, I was immediately impressed with its artwork. The music directly impressed me, although I couldn’t quite understand the lyrics yet. Now, the music attracts me the same way as it did back then and it impresses me even more as I think it’s really special that she wrote these beautiful lyrics at such a young age. I also think, that with her mysterious way of dancing, Kate made her music even more meaningful.

2. Jeff Buckley – Grace

This album really touches me. I can listen to this album at any time of the day, which isn’t something everybody can handle, but I put this record on a lot! I really like the atmospheric guitar riffs and the unique choices he makes in his compositions.

3. Aurora – All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend

In 2015 I came across this video of Aurora. It was a small acoustic show in an intimate setting at the Pinkpop Festival, organized by Dutch radio 3FM. She sings the song “Running with the Wolves”. I liked this song so much that I searched the whole internet to see who she was. I came across the EP, Running With The Wolves, and I was very impressed by the songs on this EP. When her first album was released in 2016, I was overjoyed, because the EP only had a few songs and the release of the album meant MORE! This album also surprised me and I still listen to it a lot, especially when I am busy painting and want to get in a creative mode. There are songs on this album which she wrote when she was only 9 years old, which to me is very special and meaningful. She was also inspired by Kate Bush and she has a graceful and elegant way of performing, which I like a lot.

4. David Bowie – Blackstar

David Bowie is one of the most inspiring people for me, on the topics of art and music. I also create a lot of stuff, whether it’s paintings, portraits or objects, it always goes together with music. I love the way Bowie combines music with art on such a surprising and innovative way. Nothing stopped him from doing so. The way his life ended, along with the release of his last masterpiece “Blackstar” blows my mind and really is a typical thing for him to do. It moves me so much, that I can’t always listen to it. So I listen to other albums of Bowie more often.

5. George Harrison – All Things Must Pass

This was an album I listened to when I used to draw a lot. It put me in the right mindset to get me drawing and holds a special place in my heart!

6. Todd Rundgren – A Wizard / A True Star

I am a huge fan of Todd and of a whole lot of his work. I have listened closely to almost everything he ever made, but it’s hard to listen to all of it, because there’s so much! This is the album I listen to the most. I love the psychedelic sounds he uses and the magical way the songs are composed. The artwork is also very interesting to look at.

6. Todd Rundgren - A Wizard / A True Star

7. DIIV – Oshin

This is the album that I listen to mostly when I’m busy in my workshop, creating art.
I like music with a lot of reverb when I’m busy creating stuff, haha! This is exactly the kind of vibe I need when I’m doing this. I haven’t found many things that give me the same feeling this music does. So, I‘m not done listening to this for a long time to come! This was their first album, so this remains special.

8. Lana Del Rey – Norman Fucking Rockwell

I am a huge Lana fan. In 2013, I went to her concert in the AFAS Live (back then: Heineken Music Hall) in Amsterdam. Her first album was just released back then. I think all her albums are special and that there is no-one else writing lyrics the way she does. The way she sees things and how she describes it, is really one of a kind. Norman Fucking Rockwell is her most recent album. I think it’s an album which is easy to listen to in a good way, and I love the vibe! I would go and see her on February 21st, but the show got canceled because she was ill. Hopefully it will be possible to see her soon.

9. The Black Crowes – Shake Your Money Maker

This is an album that’s played in our house a lot! I really like this kind of blues-rock music and I much like the singer, Chris Robinson. He is a great singer and very convincing in what he does. I love this type of Rock ‘N Roll music and I listen to this album mostly in the evening. It’s also a favorite among friends. I always get a lot of energy and happy stuff going on because of this album. Did I mention it’s also a favorite among friends?

10. Mötley Crüe – Dr. Feelgood

It’s the characters that make this band for me. These guys really know what it means to live the rock ‘n roll lifestyle. Mick Mars is really awesome. Every time he plays his guitar, it sounds like he is giving a motorbike a kick with the throttle wide open. Though I’m not a big fan of choppers, I’m more of a racing bike kind of girl. At first, I wasn’t a big fan of Vince Neil’s voice, but my appreciation for it grew throughout the years. It’s just unique and special.

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