The one week, we spent a lot of time with each other and the next week, we can’t hang out together at all anymore, or at least shouldn’t!

I guess we all have to get used to that. Maidstone is in Quarantine!

Quarantine Moniek
Moniek making music in quarantine.

It was March the 7th, on a Saturday. Our big night finally arrived.
Celebrating the release of our new album at ‘De Vorstin’ in Hilversum, we felt as if this was the start of something good, a new adventure looming on the horizon! Sadly, things changed really fast after that night. Because the outbreak of the coronavirus meant that we had to cancel our very next gig, and the ones after that. We should be glad that we even got to pull off that one night in Hilversum!

Quarantine Myriam
Myriam making music in quarantine.

The weeks leading up to the release show were devoted to the promotion of ‘The Tree of Life’. We shared many thoughts on how to proceed after it finally released. A lot of brainstorming-sessions, a lot of excitement. It’s so much more fun to play your new songs to the fans when it’s new and fresh! But I guess we’re out of luck, for now. And we aren’t the only ones who are affected of course, a lot of bands have to deal with this situation.

Quarantine Judith
Judith making music in quarantine.

Most tours are postponed until further notice, if they can even continue at all! Not to mention all the people…

But we have to deal with this situation. For us this means we can’t rehearse with the whole band for a while. Usually we don’t mind standing close to each other, but keeping a distance of 1.5 meters in our little rehearsal studio now, is very difficult and practically just impossible.

Quarantine Nadja
Nadja making music in quarantine.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to do anything at all! We call each other every day and we’re writing new music for perhaps the next album?
Who said long-distance never works out? I mean it’s not ideal, but we have to try something! 🙂 Making and performing music is what we want more than anything in the world. In times like these we learn to cherish everything we have and the life we had before. I’ll feel blessed when we can finally go on stage again, but until then we have to stick together. And with ‘stick together’ I mean: everybody stay in your own house for as much as you can, until this is over! We’ll keep in touch online. 😉

Stay safe everybody! Enjoy your time inside the house instead and get in touch with your creative side! 🙂


Quarantine Renee
Renee making music in quarantine.

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  1. Dikke knuffel meiden! Zodra het weer kan, komen we weer gezellig naar jullie optredens. In de tussentijd kunnen we heerlijk genieten van “The Tree of Life”

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