We decided to list our Top 10 Albums of music that inspire us or that gave value to us in some way. This is the Album Top 10 of Judith:

1. Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

For many years now, I’ve been a big fan of Foo Fighters and this is my favorite album of all times. It was quite hard to to pick a favorite because there are so many great albums. I love the diversity this album has to offer. From hardrock songs like ‘These days’ and ‘White Limo’ (which has a special place in my heart mainly because of a videoclip with Lemmy) but also emotional songs like ‘I should have known’. Awesome guitarriffs, an unparalleled drummer and lyrics that speak to me make this my favorite album of all times.

Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

2. Queen – Live at the Wembley Stadium

In 1992 Queen made a live album from the legendary 1986 show ‘Live at the Wembley’. Freddy delivers on every aspect and the raw emotion in the songs is a beautiful thing to see. The’ve taken the best songs to the next level. My favorite songs are: Love of my Life, Hammer to fall and (offcourse) Bohemian Rhapsody.

3. The Beatles – Abbey Road

With The Beatles it was also a challenge to pick a favorite album but in the end I picked Abbey Road. When I was little I learned to play Beatles songs on my guitar with help of a songbook that belonged to my father. They’ve been a big inspiration through the years of song writing although the songs we make are a completely different genre. ‘Here comes the Sun’ was always one of my favorite songs to play, and songs like ‘I want you (She’s so heavy)’ and Octopus’s Garden are a few of my favorite songs.

4. Foo Fighters – Echoes, Silence Patience & Grace

As a true Foo Fighters fan I just couldn’t resist putting another album in my list. Dave has been such an inspiration to me over the years. His talent for songwriting and perseverance is admirable. In this album you can see how much the band, and Dave as a singer, have grown. ‘Long road to ruin’ is one of my favorite songs and the videoclip is also worth watching. I love the amount of fun the guys have in making music and their video’s. It doesn’t always have to be so serious.

5. Guns n’ Roses – Appetite for destruction

Guns n’ Roses has always been a band that inspired me to play in a band myself. The rough 80′ sound, guitarsolo’s from a legend and the energy are what makes this awesome. I love playing this album in my car, although I need to watch out that I’m not speeding.

6. The Oral Cigarettes – Fixion

Yes, I know, It’s a terrible bandname but we’re dealing with an upcoming japanse band here. There is such a ‘drive’ in their songs, just so much energy! Every bandmember is mastering his instrument. They all level with eachother. This band proofs that lyrics aren’t always that important, as my Japanese isn’t that good.

The Oral Cigarettes – Fixion

7. Whitesnake – Whitesnake (1987)

For many the people, including me, Whitesnake’s best album came out in 1987. Song like Crying in the rain, Here I go again and Still of the night are absolute masterpieces. I love the sound of David Coverdalen with Adje Vandenberg also leaving his mark on this album.

8. Shinedown – Amaryllis

Many fans of Shinedown don’t consider Amaryllis as their favorite Shinedown album but for me it has a special place in my heart. What I like about het album the most are the lyrics. Some very emotional lyrics but written in hardrock songs. Just some plain good writing and a lot of energy is what this album is al about.

9. Slash – World on fire

Guns n’ Roses gitarist Slash came out with a few solo albums of which World on fire, is my favorite. The vocals of Miles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) work really well with Slash. Picking a favorite song of this album is really hard because I like them all. If I must choose it would be: Safari Inn, Avalon and The Dissident.

10. Abba – Voulez-Vous

Yes, I love Abba. My mom is also a big fan of the band and I was raised hearing their music. Although this isn’t what I normaly would listen to, I am gratefull that I was introduced to their music and became a fan myself. Although the music may sound simple, they are built up in a lot of layers, which make it very interesting.

Honorable mentions:
Taylor Hawkins – Kota
A solo album made by the drummer of Foo Foghters: Foo Fighters meets Beachboys meets Hillbilly.
Bumblefoot – Normal
Everything but normal. Awesome gitarriffs and many twists and turns.

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