About Maidstone



Maidstone is an ambitious and upbeat all female rock/pop band from the Netherlands, formerly known as Ladies Decision. The band consists of Renée van Rooij (lead vocals), Nadja Geskus (drums & backing vocals), Myriam Geskus (guitar) and Judith Overbosch (bass & backing vocals). We primarily play our own songs and occasionally perform songs of great artists we admire.

See you soon at one of our shows!


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Renée van Rooij

Renée van Rooij - Lead vocals

As long as I can remember I wanted to be a singer. According to my parents, I could sing before I could walk. Not very surprising, considering the fact that at home it was all about music. My mother used to sing and my father worked as a tour manager for several bands, played the drums and manufactured custom drumsticks. Ever since I was a kid I joined my parents to concerts and dreamed of standing on that big stage myself.

When I was 10 years old, I had my first vocal- and guitar lessons. After two years I stopped playing guitar and decided to concentrate on singing. I participated in talent shows, joined the Vocal Group and Big Band of my school and started my first cover band.

At the age of sixteen I did an audition for the Dutch Pop Academy, where I graduated in 2015. After singing in several school bands and (cover)bands I decided to take a break and to concentrate on backing myself on the piano.

At the moment I’m giving vocal lessons at “De Popschool” and I am proud to be the singer of Maidstone. I’m very happy to be part of a band again, because nothing is more fulfilling than making music together.

Nadja Geskus

Nadja Geskus - Drums and backing vocals

When I was about 4 years old, I was a big fan of the drummer from my father's band. Since then I wanted to play the drums. But I took a bit of a detour. I had recorder lessons for a few years and piano lessons for a few years. On my 13th birthday, I walked downstairs and there was a drumkit in the middle of the room. WOW!

After a few years I found myself playing the drums in the band called Snaer. At first it was a lot of fun, but later on the band started to fall apart.

I took a masterclass with percussion specialists 'Slagerij van Kampen', which was very cool, but I really wanted to play in a band again. My sister and I started Ladies Decision, now known as Maidstone. It is great to make music with these girls! Every time I look forward to our rehearsals and performances!

Myriam Geskus

Myriam Geskus - Guitar

Ever since I was a kid I loved music. From my 8th birthday I took some piano lessons. But after two years I stopped. This was not what I wanted.

I picked up the guitar on my 12th birthday. There were different guitar teachers who educaded me. Now I'm improving my skills through books and listening to songs from my idols.

I started to play the guitar, because I have a lot of admiration for my father and the former guitarist of Guns N 'Roses: Slash. I really enjoy my time with this band. We are a very close group of friends. Even rehearsing with this band is making me feel great!

Judith Overbosch

Judith Overbosch - Bass and backing vocals

My love for music began when I was quite young. Music was something very common in our family, so there was always something to play. I started playing the recorder, mostly to learn how to read music. I started playing the guitar on my 9th birthday.

I spent a lot of time singing and playing the guitar in quite a lot of bands. I liked playing the guitar, but I was looking for something different, a different sound. After playing with some other musicians, I noticed that my admiration was really directed to bassists, as that was the sound I was looking for! I learned playing the bass myself by listening and rehearsing.

After being a singer and guitarist, I embraced the bass and that's how I continued on my musical path. I am glad to be a part of Maidstone, because sharing this experience together is awesome!